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Family managed
since 2009


All our rooms feature our 5-star carpet made of 100% recycled materials, such as recovered fishing nets. Looks fantastic, feels great.

Saving energy

From solar water heating to co-generation plants operated with natural gas - we always strive to use the latest technologies to make a positive contribution.

Saving water

With the Green Option, our guests can choose not to have their rooms cleaned daily. This means 1,000 cleaning processes less per year, saving valuable natural resources.

Reducing waste

Welcome to the plastic-free room. We only use cups made from compostable corn starch and avoid individually wrapped hygiene products.

Our dream

As a family owned business from grounded Bavarian surroundings it is essential for us to constantly improve our product. When it comes to responsibility, we are always considering the environment with every step we take.

As part of the "Green Dreams" campaign we are trying to contribute to numerous topics for a green and sustainable development. We feel obliged as a hotel to take actions to save the environment. Energy saving technology, reduction of water and energy consumption and the use of recycled raw materials are only the key elements for our contribution. With every new hotel we are trying to integrate solar panels for our water heating.

Location Development

We are constantly trying to evolve and expand our product in Germany and Europe. Our concept is easy to integrate into commercial properties when it comes to the development of new real estate.

For a new location McDreams hotel needs approx. 1600-4000 sqm, parking lots, infrastructure and a convenient transportation connection. If you´re having an interesting hotel location or idea, please feel free to contact us via


Our partners

We look back on up to ten years of partnership with our manufacturers and suppliers. Almost all of our partners have been with us since day one.

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